Dry Mixed Recycling

Although some may not be familiar with the term ‘dry mixed recycling’, it is a process all businesses have to undertake if they want an efficient solution to waste management. The term refers to recycling that is free of food scraps, garden waste and other substances. These stop plastic and paper items from being recycled properly.

One thing that deters business from effective recycling, is the process of separating the many items you are likely to need disposing of. Bottles, cans, food containers, and documents – the separation of these kinds of items for recycling will always seem like an arduous task. Fortunately, we offer a quality dry mixed recycling service at M.W White for materials such as paper (including shredded), card, plastic bottles, cans and small metal items. To help your staff recognise DMR materials we send out the following Recycling Poster.pdf on request.

Our work at M.W White is all about making things simple, whether it be for you, your staff or your customers. We can provide containers specifically for mixed recycling, and a dry mixed recycling collection service so you can reduce waste across the board.

Contacting M.W White’s Norfolk recycling team is the first step towards a sustainable and cost-effective waste disposal solution. To get in touch you can call us on 01603 812898 or email enquiries@mwwhite.co.uk.

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