Metal Recycling

When you think of recyclable materials, metal may not be the first thing to come to mind. However, because scrap metal can be reformed multiple times, there are endless possibilities for how it can be used. For us, this reinforces the need for businesses to have a clear plan for dealing with waste metal.

M.W White has the experience and resources to help you deal with your scrap metal, regardless of the volume. It is important as this point to mention the two main categories for scrap metal, ferrous and non-ferrous metal. These terms refer to the iron content of scrap metal.

If your company produces a particularly large volume of scrap metal, our roll-on-roll-off containers are a perfect solution. These containers are available in sizes of up to 40 cubic yards. We recommend you take a look at all of our waste containers to see the options we have available.  

We offer bespoke waste management solutions based on your unique needs. We are more than happy to arrange a site visit, so we can see for ourselves what needs to be done.

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