Paper Recycling

Although we are well-versed in all forms of waste management, paper waste recycling remains one of our premier services. This could be due to the sheer volume of waste paper regularly produced by companies. In 2014, the UK Government’s Statistics on Waste Data found that the commercial and industrial sector produced over 260,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard waste.

Offices, printers, school, solicitors and accountancy firms, these are just a few of the many professional institutions that need constant support for their paper waste management. This is not just an issue of waste paper disposal. It is about saving money long term and being a part of ongoing sustainability efforts.

At M.W White, we provide a strong portfolio of waste paper disposal services. We offer containers both for lease and for purchase. In particular our balers are highly effective for paper recycling. Our 5ft square paper bank is also available for a small monthly rental fee. NFO organizations such as schools and colleges, not to mention charities, can use our paper banks free of charge.

Through our years of experience we’ve learned how paper handling requirements can vary greatly. One prominent example of this is bank paper, which of course can hold highly sensitive information. Companies concerned about disposing of this kind of paper will be pleased to learn that we also offer a confidential paper shredding service.

If you want to be confident that your paper is being recycled in a secure, sustainable and affordable manner, contact M.W. White today. 

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