RDF - Residual Derived Fuel

Residual Derived Fuel, also referred to as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), is a fuel product made from industrial and commercial waste. This waste can be plastics that cannot be recycled by other means, as well as paper and other corrugated materials. An efficient RDF recycling solution helps convert this waste into energy for both the UK and overseas.

Our work in RDF recycling could cause your business to drastically reduce the amount of waste taken to landfill. Waste that arrives to our site in Ketteringham is taken to our specialist Material Recycling Facility. Here, we identify and isolate any RDF waste. This waste is then baled and wrapped before being sent to our suppliers, who will then provide the raw materials to both UK and European facilities where it can be converted into energy.

Not only will our RDF recycling service help reduce costs, it will make your business part of a global supply chain network. The potential is there for you to help countless businesses with sustainable energy consumption.

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