Our Approach

M.W White offers its customers over 3 generations of experience in the waste management industry. All the valuable knowledge our company has obtained over the years is passed down to our dedicated staff. This means that our approach has already stood the test of time.

Our Aims

  • To offer companies sustainable and cost-effective waste management solutions
  • To be competitive in our prices and to guarantee only ONE price increase on our Wheelie Bin service per year
  • To provide a friendly and more personal service than National Waste Brokers can offer
  • To focus on our local customers to provide a prompt and efficient service
  • To allow a more flexible service to our customers when they face issues which are out of their control
  • To help our customers adhere to industrial and national standards for waste management
  • To empower businesses to prioritise corporate social and fiscal responsibility for their waste

At M.W White, our approach is in adherence to the Waste Hierarchy. This means that we start with prevention, working with companies to identify ways in which they produce needless waste. This then moves into reuse and recycling, which is where the bulk of our services come into play. Our Containers vary greatly in size and appropriate materials, so our customers are not provided with any resources that are not of use to them. Finally, once all the use has been extracted from waste materials, our nationwide haulage services can be used to transport and dispose of the remaining matter.

Our compliance with the industry-standard Waste Hierarchy goes hand in hand with our ‘Zero to Landfill’ principle. When a material is taken to landfill, to us this signifies that there is absolutely nothing left to extract, recycle or repurpose. With many materials, such as glass, being so easy to reprocess with no impact on their functionality, we fervently believe that sending material to landfill should be a last resort means of disposal. This principle motivates us to get all the raw potential possible out of waste materials, ultimately saving costs and resources.   

So How Does Our Approach Work for Customers?

  • We can conduct site visits to identify the waste management needs of specific businesses. We recommend services based on these needs. For example, you could be a larger company in need of a regular end-to-end waste management service, or a SME who requires one or two smaller containers.
  • We have a small team of staff in the office who can all provide our customers with a dedicated service to ensure that everyone receives the same high standard of service, regardless of the company’s size or specific industry.
  • We grant customers access to our online portal. As we previously mentioned, we want to share and distribute knowledge. This level of access empowers customers to track their waste output, enabling them to reduce costs and make processes much more efficient.

If you want to save time, money and reduce your carbon footprint, contact M.W White today to take the first step towards your new waste management solution.