Wood Recycling

With increasing concerns about deforestation and climate change, businesses are facing more stringent requirements for dealing with waste wood. Things are going in the right direction, with the Wood Recyclers Association estimating that ‘2.8 million tonnes (60%) of the UK’s waste wood is getting recycled.’

The process in wood recycling is relatively simple, but requires modern, efficient and expensive machinery, which is where M.W. White come in. We have the facilities and experience to handle all your wood recycling needs, whether your waste consists of wooden crates, boxes, offcuts or shavings.

Our roll-on-roll-off containers are specifically designed for high volumes of non-compactable waste such as wood. This is just one of the many containers we offer at M.W White, with a range of sizes and purposes. You can also find out here about our range of nationwide hauling services.

If you want a new sustainable, cost-effective and highly professional approach to wood recycling, contact M.W White today. You can call 01603 812898 or email us at enquiries@mwwhite.co.uk.

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