Product Details

Paper banks are available on a free of charge basis to charities or non profit making organisations such as schools and colleges. Once it has been filled with paper it is just one phone call or email to our offices to request it to be emptied, then you can either have access to our client portal to gain weight reports or we will send you bi-monthly reports via email or mail. You will have already registered with the council to receive your recycling credits so once the weights have been confirmed you can then submit them to your county council and you will receive payment from them at the current recycling credit rate. For additional help please use the following link to Norfolk County Council's rubbish and recycling website page:

Commercial businesses can also benefit from our paper bank service for a small rental charge each month.

Product Specification

The size of our paper bank is 5ft square and would take up approximately half a car parking space.

Please contact our specialists today for advice on your specific needs by calling 01603 812898 or filling out our contact us form.